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Thistle Honey Combination With Honey (Not Medicines, Food Support)
Do you always feel tired and exhausted? If the answer is yes.

Ladies and Gentleman: Destan Herbal Mixture Paste!..

All the ingredients you may know closely and probably use these herbals oftenly. Also all these herbals probably referred and suggested very oftenly to your friends by you. 12 herbs and flower honey mixture. With those great taste and lots of benefits to you body system; the carob and the honey and a mixture of very precision ratio of 10 herbs gathered and called as DESTAN MACUNLARI. From Turkey Gıda...
Tens of different labs' work hours... National and International tests and analyse results'.. Traditional and complementary medicine' know-hows and experience.. An expert teams'.. Massive energy, work hours and labors'.. A modern mixture compilation of tradition for your health and wellness.
So familiar and friendly, also fresh and brand new!
Your organic food that you can not start the day without using it. Shortly it is the name of heal and the motor of your pozitive energy that feels you good. Destan Paste
Turkey Food Destan Paste
Basic Features and Ingredients
Thistle Seed Honey With Herbal Mixture It is a complete antioxidant that provides you with the energy to make you feel great and refresh all day long.. Moreover, it is easy to use: 1 or 5 teaspoons are taken with water before meals. Be sure mix the jar well before use..

Our products are prepared full-automatic processes with un-touch of humans . Jar filling are performed in Turkey's finest and most modern facilities. Destan Paste products are a 100% domestic production..

Direct Contribution to Metabolism: Normal formation of red iron blood cells and hemoglobin, normal energy formation of metabolism, normal function of the immune system and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

NOTE: You must not be allergic to the products in the content in order to use this product.

Turkey Food Destan Paste


Liquid Flower Honey (%36)
Carob Molasses
Turmeric (Root) (Curcuma Longa (C. Domestica))
Thistle (Seed) (Silybum Marianum) (%5,85)
Nettle (Seed) (Urtica sp.)
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
Linen (Seed) (Linum Usitatissimum)
Ginger (Root) (Zingiber Officinale)
Hibiscus (Flower) (Malva sp.)
Juniper (Fruit) (Juniperus Communis)
Hollyhock (Althea Rosea)
May Daisy (Up Soil) (Matricaria Recutita) (M. Chamomilla)
Ferrous Glukonat (%0,168)

So simple: 1 or 5 teaspoons are taken with water before meals. Be sure mix the jar well before use..

Keep away from direct sunlight and humid air and places.

All adult individuals can use. (NOTE: You must not be allergic to the products in the content in order to use this product)

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Serkan İşkur
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F. Kenan Afyon
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Hakan Aytaç - Aytaç Life Doğal ve Organik Ürünler
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Phone Order: + 90 530 994 31 06

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Weight: 220 GR

Sale Corners and Vendor Application
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Enes A. : 3 kg loose in 2 weeks. Also your product is tasty and easy to use
Ayşe Y. : I used this product and loose weight. My black liver enzymes returned to normal and my energy never dropped
Uğur K. : I'm glad I used it. In the morning I took 2 spoons hungry stomach and drank plenty of water and I didn't lose energy during the day. I would recommend it to everyone
Ahmet K. : Since I started the paste, my energy has risen. Even i slept for a short time, i could wake up easily. In my private life destan paste was effective. Water consumption increased.

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Turkey Food Destan Paste
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